Ēriks Stendzenieks openly about why his family broke up – Celebrities – Apollo.lv – Entertainment

Stendzenieks established the most powerful advertising agency in Latvia, and two decades later – spat and sold. In addition, stayed at troughs also in married life. Exactly how to connect a successful career with his family, and what the lessons learned during Eric’s life, Armands wanted to hear more.

“Don’t try to make money all over the world and control all the processes. Then, when you are the manager of a company, you naturally want to put your nose in every layout of the booklet and tell everyone – what, where and how to do it. If you can’t delegate a large enough part of yourself away, then it burns you terribly, ”Eric shared his experience and openly added that he had taken a lot of time from his family. However, he also knows that it is no longer possible to collect spilled water.

“Until the time machine is invented, it is very difficult to get back there. You can’t get in the time machine, but you can administer your further activities, ”says Stendzenieks.


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