Erika Stárková gave birth, gender and name of offspring star…

Erika Stárková became a mother for the first time. The star of the series Most! she tried to keep the blessed state a secret for a long time, and the birth took place in silence without media attention. A proud mother protects her privacy so much that she keeps her gender and baby’s name to herself.

Erika Stárková gave birth to her first child at the age of thirty-seven. The actress is best known for her most successful series, Most !, where she played the transsexual Dasha.

Stárková is very careful about her privacy, so for the first months she secretly concealed her blessed condition. Even after the pregnancy broke out, however, the series star was not very shared.

For this reason, it probably did not surprise anyone that the birth took place in secret. But Erika prepared properly for maternity leave.

Leaving the theater

In addition to selling jewelry with her boyfriend, Peruvian artist Cesar Chunk, Erika Stárková devoted herself to her theatrical career before becoming pregnant. But because of motherhood, she wants to hang it on a nail for a while.

“Now Erika has ended her engagement so that she can take care of her own offspring,” a source from the actress’ neighborhood confirmed to Blesk.

In the past, Stárková made a living as a professional nanny, but she wants to devote herself to her child without any help. For this reason, she suspended her work commitments.

Great love, Stárková and Chunk took parenthood by hop

In 2020, Stárková dated an exotic musician with Mongolian roots, Zaya Ganbold, but in November she announced a breakup.

“It ended more than half a year ago,” she confirmed relationship breakdown.

The actress soon recognized the Peruvian Caesar, and a baby came out of their love after a short acquaintance. We congratulate the new parents and wish the newborn good health.

Stárková became an ethno jewelry retailer



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