Erik Van Looy no longer wears glasses: ‘The smartest person’ presenter underwent eye surgery on the advice of Philippe Geubels

From September 5, ‘The very smartest person’ will return. With the well-known success formula, the best candidates from the past ten seasons and the same presenter. So few changes. Or at least one: the glasses of Erik Van Looy (60) are no longer available.

(eadp, avh)

Today at 11:14

Van Looy has been a loyal spectacle wearer for years. In recent seasons of ‘De smartest mens’, he has always been given one by designer Eline De Munck. Not a bad word about the glasses either, but the presenter had gradually grown tired of wearing the jewel. So he had surgery on the eyes. No laser surgery, which is also a common procedure. He did have artificial lenses fitted. The same operation that comedian Philippe Geubels also had performed. In the meantime he also goes through life without glasses. It is therefore Geubels who convinced his friend.

“I’m sixty now, but I look forty since the operation on my eyes,” says Van Looy. “Tom Cruise is three months younger than me, but I don’t think you can see that. I think I actually look younger right now.”

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