Ericsson will build a 5G network for Kellner’s Cetin. The Chinese Huawei failed in the tender

Cetin will build a fast 5G mobile network on Ericsson technologies. This was stated on his twitter account by Vladimír Mlynář, a member of the PPF Board of Directors to which Cetin belongs. Ericsson is to be the exclusive supplier of technology. Other operators have not yet notified the supplier.

Technology for 5G networks is also offered by Nokia or Huawei. In particular, Huawei is considered one of the world’s leading players in 5G. However, some countries, including the US or EU countries, consider it a security risk due to possible links with the Chinese government.

Cetin spokeswoman Klára Zavadilová confirmed that Ericsson had won the tender that Cetin had announced for the 5G supplier. “As soon as we complete the remaining legal formalities in Cetin, we will publish more detailed information,” she said.

PPF owns 100 percent of Cetin and about 80 percent of O2. Cetin is the largest domestic operator of mobile and fixed telecommunications networks.

Ericsson is one of the world’s largest suppliers of 5G technology. In the first half of the year, it supplied 5G to operators in more than ten European countries. In total, it has concluded more than 90 contracts for the establishment of 5G networks, of which over 30 are in commercial operation. The first European commercial 5G network was launched by Swisscom in April 2019.

“A lot of people were surprised at the photo of PK. A lot of people were surprised that the purchase of CME was checked by so many institutions and then allowed without any problems. So many people said it would be different. So now another” surprise “: we decided that in The Czech Republic will build Cetin’s 5G network on Ericsson, “Mlynář said on twitter today.

He referred to the recently published photograph of the owner of PPF and the richest Czech, Petr Kellner, in a veil, or to the successful completion of the acquisition of CME, which operates the domestic TV Nova.

Cetin currently operates 5G networks in a part of Prague and Kolín on a trial basis for the O2 operator. At the same time, there is an auction of frequencies for 5G in the 700 MHz and 3.4 to 3.6 GHz bands, which is attended by seven bidders, probably including O2. Companies will be able to use the frequencies from next year.



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