Erick Thohir Talks about Rivalry with La Nyalla at the PSSI Ketum Exchange


Erick Thohir commented on his rivalry with La Nyalla Mattalitti in the election exchange Chairman of PSSI. According to him, each general chairman candidate has a good vision.

As is known, there are five candidates Chairman of PSSI which has been determined by the PSSI Appeal Selection Committee). However, of that amount, what seems clear is the competition between Erick Thohir and La Nyalla Mattalitti.

Both are mentioned as strong candidates in the election for the PSSI chairman who will compete on February 16 in Jakarta. In fact, some call their rivalry like an El Clasico duel. So how did Etho respond?

“Why El Clasico? I’ve never joined PSSI, never nominated DPD chairman, I’ve never joined a party,” Erick said when met at the Atlet Century Hotel, Jakarta, on Tuesday (7/2/2023).

“Mr. La Nyalla has never been in the cabinet as BUMN minister, I think that’s just media friends for fun, right? So there’s click bait. Later if I ask back, I’m confused, I’m also a media person,” he said then laughed.

He also commented on the rivalry between himself and La Nyalla Matalittiwhich finally woke up ahead of the election.

“What I say is the same. Each Caketum (general chairman candidate) also has a good vision, we will also listen to it. Whoever loses must have the courage to contribute. Whoever wins must also listen to the losers,” said the man who also served as Minister of BUMN.

Erick also gave an example of how Indonesian President Joko Widodo was able to work with Prabowo Subianto.

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“Pak Jokowi, how to prepare for cooperation in the government with Pak Prabowo. We have been taught that, why do we have to sing, we have to fix this together, not with differences,” said Erick Thohir.

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