Erick Thohir Changes the Composition of the Board of Directors of PT PPA

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Minister BUMN Erick Thohir reformed the total PT Asset Management Company (PPA). Reform is carried out by dismissing directors and commissioners, changing the nomenclature of positions and carrying out task shifting.

In connection with the nomenclature, reforms were carried out by changing the nomenclature of the positions of members of the board of directors of PT PPA (Persero) from being Director of Restructuring to Director of Investment 1 and Restructuring.

Meanwhile, with regard to the board of directors, reform was carried out by removing Ari Soerono from his position as president director of the company.

In addition, Erick also removed Muhammad Teguh Wirahadikusumah as Director of Finance and Risk Management, RM Irwan as Director of Law and Human Resources, and Andry Setiawan as Director of Investment 1.

Instead, Erick assigned Yadi J Ruchandi, who was originally Director of Investment 2 to become President Director, Rizwan Rizal Abidin, who was previously Director of Restructuring to Director of Investment 1 and Restructuring.

He also appointed Adi Pamungkas Daskian as Investment Director 2 of PT PPA (Persero).

Meanwhile, for commissioners, a reshuffle was carried out by removing Edy Putra Irawady as President Commissioner concurrently as Independent Commissioner, Didyk Choiroel as Commissioner, Himawan Hariyoga Djojokusumo as Commissioner, Tirta Hidayat as Independent Commissioner.

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In return, Erick appointed Krisna Wijaya as President Commissioner, and Marwanto Harjowiryono as Commissioner.

Quoted from Antara, Saturday (10/10), the changes were contained in the Decree of the Minister of BUMN Number SK-325 / MBU / 10/2020 dated 9 October 2020 concerning Dismissal, Changes in Position Nomenclature, Transfer of Tasks, and Appointment of Members of the Board of Directors. Perusahaan Perusahaan (Persero) PT Asset Management Company established a new composition of the Board of Directors of PT PPA (Persero).

PPA is a BUMN that has the main task of providing sustainable growth for all stakeholders through investment activities, restructuring and restructuring of BUMN / BUMD, asset management (State, Regional Government, BUMN, BUMD and Private sector) and advisory.

PT PPA has several subsidiaries, namely PT Nindya Karya, PT PPA Finance, and PT PPA Kapital.

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