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Erick Rivera was a figure of the Aurora in the victory to the champion of Bolivia

Erick Rivera was the figure of the classic Cochabambino, who gave the victory to Aurora 2-1 against the current champion of Bolivia, Wilstermann, directed by the Argentine Cristian Díaz, a technician of the Salvadoran player in his passage through the Santa Tecla.

The national striker scored and attended for the Aurora to win for the first time the derby of the city of Cochabamba since 2018, when the celestial ones were imposed 2-0 by the aviators.

The first goal of Erick Rivera (of the game and with the Aurora) was at minute 17, when he defined a ball that was in the air to beat the Wilstermann goal. The celestial ones were better in the first half and did not let the national champion of Bolivia impose their conditions.

It was in the complement part, when Salvadoran Rivera overflowed the left sector of the area leaving several rivals, but when defining, the ball crashed in the post and in the rebound, it was his teammate Marcelo Aguirre, who took the opportunity to enlarge the advantage Before the aviators.

The team led by Cristian Díaz achieved the discount at minute 88, after a hand in the Nicoll Taboada area. Cristian Chavez was in charge of defining the penalty to set the final score of 2-1. The celestial, from the hand of the Salvadoran, Erick Rivera took the Cochabamba classic two years later.


The celestial, for the moment, tie at the top of the general table of Bolivia along with the Bolivar, a team where Salvadoran Roberto Domínguez militates with six points, however, the academy has one less game.


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