Éric Zemmour, the “French Trump”, joins the race for the Elysee at its worst

The far-right debater Eric Zemmour (Montreuil, 63 years old) is already an official candidate for the presidency of the French Republic. The former journalist, with sexist and racist postulates and convicted twice for “incitement to hatred”, gave the announcement on Tuesday in a video broadcast on social networks.

“For a long time I was content with my role as a journalist and writer (…), he told me that each one had his role. (…) But the question is no longer to reform France, but to save it. That is why I have decided to present myself” He said in a ten-minute recording with nostalgic overtones and references to a France “that is about to disappear”: that of Napoleon Bonaparte and General Charles de Gaulle; that of characters like Molière, Voltaire and Rousseau; or that of Brigitte Bardot and Jean-Paul Belmondo.

It did not surprise anyone. In essayist and talkative, also known already as the “Gallic Trump or the philosopher of French supremacism”He had been playing with his presentation for months at enext year’s lessons. In April, posters with his photo, the date 2022 and the message “I vote for Zemmour” were already visible on the French streets.

However, the far-right has presented the candidacy at its worst. His great battle is with Marine Le Pen and the polls came to place it even ahead of it but the most recent polls point to an electoral duel between the two representatives of the French extreme right.

The polls place him behind Le Pen and one of them in fourth position so he would not go to the second round

Only 19% of those surveyed believe they are competent to lift France out of the crisis, compared to 27% for Le Pen, according to a survey by the newspaper Release, collected by Efe. Another poll released this Tuesday by the channel BFMTV It places him in fourth place in voting intentions (12%), behind Macron (25%), Le Pen (20%) and the conservative Xavier Bertrand (13%), so he would not go to the second round.

how do you explain Paul bustinduy in a column in Public, the next elections will be decisive for France and Zemmour’s proposal may change the scenario. “The novelty of Zemmour consists in putting France before a mirror in which, whatever you show, only the abyss is reflected: decadence, jihad, civil war, violence, fear. The country, says Zemmour, He has not said his last word, but perhaps he has said the penultimate: a word of agony and the end of time. That is the gesture in which his strength lies, “he argues.

However, Bustinduy also argues that Zemmour’s breakthrough may be what he needed. Emmanuel Macron to ensure re-election because “the lepenist camp” has been fractured. In that sense, the current president would have an opportunity to seize but “the French public sphere lives a chaotic situation, marked by the decomposition of the political fields to the left and right“.” The disintegration of the political offer has lowered the barrier to go to the second round in the polls to 16%. In such a volatile and uncertain scenario, the forces of macronism would be wrong to trust themselves, “he warns.



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