Éric Dupond-Moretti’s visit to Corsica: the expectations of politicians, justice and an anti-mafia group before the minister’s arrival

The keeper of the seals, Eric Dupond-Moretti, will be in Corsica on 22 and 23 September. A visit awaited by politicians, magistrates or even anti-Mafia groups on the island. They explain.

He had never come to Corsica as a Minister of Justice. Eric Dupond-Moretti will be on the island on Thursday and Friday.

It is expected on a number of files: The case of Pietro alessandri and Aother F.to wanderthe contested settlement of the new president of the Court of Appeal of Bastia or even the means of justice in Corsica. Tour of the horizon.

Nucleus in Frontindependence party

In an open letter posted on social media, Nucleus in Front finger tip of “conditions” how “the committed responsibility of the French state in the execution of the political prisoner Yvan Column“,”the responsibility of the French State, through the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which systematically challenges the decisions of the courts in favor of Alain ferrandi and Pietro alessandri“and more generally the”treatment“reserved by the state for so-called political prisoners.

According to the independence party: the time is for political courage and not for yet another ministerial visit without a real future, if not to perpetuate what we have suffered from your judicial system for decades.“You see this visit as”yet another provocation, of a government policy, which has only for Corsica condescension and discredit.

Jean-Felix Living Waterdeputy for the 2nd college of Haute-Corse

There is obviously the parliamentary commission of inquiry that we have started and for which we are awaiting the legal opinion of the Keeper of Seals to be able to set it up, within six months, as agreed. We will of course be able to discuss developments following the internal investigations that have been published.

It will be necessary to return to the violation also for the question of the conditional freedom of the quick penalties for Pierre alessandri and Alan ferrandithat we stop procrastinating, giving the feeling that there is a revenge of the state which continues and manages to really get out of this file from above. We have to get it over with. After reconciliation, the time has come for these men to rejoin their families after 24-25 years in prison. I think they have served their sentences and now we have to move on and this will be the meaning of our speech.

And I don’t forget those who are enrolled in the His sonsthe issue of fines for ex-inmates, the management of these prisoners where we must be at the top there too. This is part of the process of arriving at a comprehensive political solution to enter a new cycle between the French Republic and Corsica.

Leo Baptizeone of the founding members of the collective anti mafia “A mafia no, a life yes”

I am waiting before he receives us, which we asked for given the urgency of the situation. Corsica is in a serious situation. Cultural, economic and social problems cannot be solved without addressing the problem of the island’s mafia drift. It is central and transcends all other situations. We want to draw your attention to this.

The State has a central role and Justice has a significant strategic role. However, today we are in a state of general bankruptcy, including at the judicial level. There are poorly designed procedures, considerable impunity when it comes to crimes against personalities or mafia members.

We are in a serious situation so it is necessary for Justice to grasp the issue. We have proposals to make. Among these, some may already be applied, such as the inclusion of good judges who have procedural sense, why that we can no longer continue in the current drift. And then we need specific directives at the level of the Prosecutor’s Office because there is no effective action or will to act against the mafia system in Corsica.

Jean Leandriregional delegate of the magistrates’ union

When a Keeper of the Seals comes to court, we are satisfied because we have so many expectations. The very fact that it comes clock that there is consideration for the jurisdictions it visits. For us it is a good thing.

We suffer a lot from the lack of means, daily and for a long time. If we take national statistics on the number of magistrates per inhabitant compared to the rest of Europe, we can already see a huge deficit. And with diseases, vacancies, both for magistrates and employees, it is very difficult to face our mission.

All areas of judicial activity are affected by shortages of posts, illnesses and vacancies. This creates a real disorganization, as it is necessary to replace and Justice has yet to function. It is therefore at the cost of personal sacrifices, of work, it creates a profound unease in the institution.

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