Eric Adams, a former black cop favorite for New York City Hall

Elected in the Democratic primary with 50.5% of the vote, Eric Adams narrowly beat his competitor Kathryn Garcia. Pending the results on November 2, Eric Adams is on track to succeed outgoing mayor Bill de Blasio.

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Discreet, the 60-year-old candidate has been preparing for the post of mayor for a long time. After retiring, he became a New York State senator in 2006, then president of the Brooklyn Municipality in 2014.

From NYPD to New York City Hall

Before entering politics, Eric Adams was a police officer in the New York Police Department – the famous NYPD – for over twenty years. Arrested and beaten up by a white policeman for a burglary, committed at the age of 15, he joined the police in order to change the system from within.

Among candidate Adams’ plans are police reform, a promise to increase the number of officers of color and the appointment of a woman as commissioner.

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It also aims to fight police violence and increasing crime in New York since the summer of 2020, with an increase in shootings and intentional homicides. A delicate mission for the candidate who is trying to obtain both the support of the police, but also of those who denounce racism and violence within it.

« I don’t hate police departments, I hate abusive cops, and that’s what people confuse. When you like something you criticize it for making it what it should be, you don’t let it happen », He affirmed in the New York Times.

Rather moderate, he does not share the ideas of the left of the Democratic Party and activists of the Black Lives Matter movement who believe that the budget for the police should be reduced.

But recent revelations about his proximity to Louis Farrakhan, leader of the African-American political organization Nation of Islam and accused of racism and anti-Semitism, fuel the controversy and could taint his campaign. So are the corruption charges, contained in a report by the New York State Inspector General released in 2010.

In a predominantly democratic city, Eric Adams remains the favorite to become the 110e mayor of New York.



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