Erfurt: Blood drips from the balcony – neighbors fear the bad

Erfurt. shock inside Erfurt!

Residents of an apartment building in Erfurt have found themselves in a situation reminiscent of a horror film.

Erfurt: Blood drips from the balcony of an apartment building

On Friday afternoon, the police were called to an operation on the Red Mountain. Concerned residents told officials that blood was dripping from the balcony of a top floor apartment!

The situation came to a head when the tenant of the affected apartment did not open her door. That’s why the police called the fire department, who then broke open the door.

Officials were able to give the all-clear quickly. The reason for the dripping blood: The 22-year-old tenant had stored animal innards as dog food on the balcony. Apparently something wasn’t quite tight, which is why the blood was dripping down.


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However, the young woman from Erfurt did not notice anything about the vortex. She wasn’t at home. However, the 22-year-old now has to pay for both the operation and the new apartment door. (neb)

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