Erdre Stand to Unveil Kop for FC Nantes’ Match against Reims

The “Kop Jaune et V’Erdre” is going to settle in La Beaujoire! On April 2, on the occasion of the reception of the Stade de Reims, some FC Nantes supporters will try to animate the Erdre stand to raise the atmosphere of the Beaujoire stadium. The initiative came from three members of the Activ’ Nantes Support association, including Adrien, who presented it in the last episode of the podcast “ Without Control ». “The idea is to do something family” explains the future capo of this new group.

Integrate without imposing.

In the 1990s, in 2015 and in 2018, several attempts had already been made to transform the north bend of the Beaujoire stadium into a real active stand. Without success ; the Erdre has remained a popular forum for its family atmosphere and its affordable prices more than by those wishing to participate in the atmosphere of the stadium. Adrien explains it to “Without Control”: “What has meant that it hasn’t worked so far is that we wanted to impose ourselves instead of integrating. »

And that is the whole point of the project. This time, the bearers of this new idea intend to rely on the family aspect of the platform and their association. To liven up the bend without changing the habits of its faithful, they will occupy an area placed at the top of the stand, close to the screen (Jules Verne stand side). Adrien explains having spoken with the club on this subject and also wanting to exchange with the faithful of the Loire tribune as well as with Laurent Gomis, who currently animates the Erdre with his drum.

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“Two kops that respond to each other”

Because if it is not a question of imitating the Loire tribune and its ultras, one of the objectives is to create an echo to the songs which are launched there. While preserving the family atmosphere that currently characterizes the grandstand. No worries therefore for current subscribers to this part of the stadium who wish to take advantage of their seats. At the Pierre-Mauroy stadium in Lille, this configuration has been in place since 2013 with a small kop, the “Go Rijsel Spirit”, installed opposite the ultras of the DVEs. Without the atmosphere being frankly at the rendezvous.

On the side of the Nantes supporters, the project seduces but raises some questions. “I find the initiative good, especially since the arrival of the good results, the stadium is full and it responds a little more to the Loire. The idea of ​​having two kops that respond to each other is all the same pleasing. » points out a subscriber in the Loire tribune. “The location at the top, it’s weird for a kop. And there are quite a few supporters in Erdre who come to watch the match quietly. he continues. One thing is certain, it is worth trying!

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