Erasmus Mundus will hold an informative talk about master’s studies in Europe | Ecuador | News

With the intention of strengthening the ties between Europe and Ecuador, the Erasmus Mundus Association, will take place next Thursday, July 7 at 4:30 p.m. an informative talk about master’s studies in Europe.

this will be a free conference and it will be presented by Cristina Martínez Tapia and Sue Gonzalez, former Erasmus Mundus scholarship recipients and Erasmus Mundus Representatives in Ecuador, who will explain what scholarships consist of and how to apply for them.

This informative talk will be aimed at Ecuadorian students who have completed their undergraduate studies, will take place online through the Zoom platform, people interested in participating must register online.

The Erasmus Mundus initiative offers high-level academic master’s programs that are coordinated by consortiums of renowned European universities.

Outstanding Ecuadorian students can benefit from full Erasmus Mundus scholarships, funded by the European Commission. The current offer of master’s programs amounts to 130, among which are several specialties.

These programs are open to students from all over the world and allow students to pursue a master’s degree in at least two European countries. In this way, the European Commission strengthens student mobility and cultural exchange through high-level education. (YO)

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