Erajaya Releases Mobile Upgrade Program Every Year, iPhone is the Best Selling

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Erajaya released a program that makes it easy for gadget fans to be able to update their cellphones every year with cheap installments. Series iPhone become the best selling brand in this program.

Continuous Upgrade Program! it was basically launched in February. At first, Keep on Upgrade! only available on Erafone. Now the program is available at Huawei Experience Store by Erajaya, iBox, Samsung Store by NASA, Urban Republic, Xiaomi Reseller Store, and operator outlets managed by Erajaya Group.

“The HP brands that are in the top 5 taken in the Continuous Upgrade program are the iPhone and Apple brands,” said Theodorus Agung Wijarnako, Head of VAS & Financial Services at Erajaya Digital, in Jakarta, Friday (27/5).

“This is an indication that the community or our customers, who used to go to the shop only had Rp. 3 million in capital, then because they were offered this program they could have a higher value, but with better specs,” he said. performanceIt’s better, customers are automatically happier because they get more than what they expect,” he explained.

Erajaya Digital’s Chief Mechandise and Planning, Herman Wong, added that this program really reaches more people.

“People currently need easy and affordable services. This is what we offer to the people of Indonesia,” he said.

Not only that, Erajaya is increasing the number of payment solutions. Previously, it was only Kredivo and Home Credit, now consumers can use a credit card to join this program with 0% installments for up to 12 months.

Those who participate in this program will receive bonus data from Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison. In addition, TechProtech Pro Classic 12 will be provided which will protect the phone against accidental damage, including water and other liquid damage.

Continuous Upgrade Program! valid for all HP devices, starting from iPhone, Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi and others, but the minimum price is IDR 3 million. The steps for participating in this program are as follows:

1. Consumers buy at the Erajaya outlets mentioned above
2. When making payment, the staff will offer the Continuous Upgrade program!
3. If willing, the consumer is obliged to make payment by installment method.
4. After almost a year, consumers will get a notification reminding the end of the contract and asking to come to the store to carry out the upgrade process
5. The old unit was handed over to trade-in

“The trade-in price depends on the condition of the cellphone. But we provide a high price plus a subsidy of up to Rp. 2 million,” continued Herman.

“Users can upgrade to a new series. It can also be to a higher or lower series than the one used before,” he concluded.

So far, the Apple product distributed by Erajaya that many gadget fans have been waiting for is the iPhone 14 series. However, the company did not provide an official statement about it.

At a time when rumors about the iPhone 14 strengthened, quoted from Bloomberg, a source familiar with the company’s projections said Apple Inc. plans to maintain the number of iPhone 2022 production in the range of 220 million or almost the same as the previous year.

This contradicts the predictions of some analysts who estimate that Apple will produce about 20 million more than last year.

Editor’s Note: Titles and quotes in the news were corrected on Friday (27/5) due to data updates from sources. The original title of the news was “Erajaya Opens Voice of Rumors about the iPhone 14 Launch Schedule in Indonesia”.


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