Erajaya Group and Garmin Indonesia Introduce Smartwatches for Beginner Runners, Jakarta — Erajaya Group collaborates with Garmin Indonesia to present a smartwatch with GPS technology that is specially designed for beginner runners. This watch is named Forerunner 55. This watch has a myriad of features and competitive prices. Forerunner 55 has a battery life of up to two weeks in fashion smartwatch and up to 20 hours in GPS mode.

Director of Erajaya Group, Djohan Sutanto said, another advantage of this watch is that it also displays various health and fitness features from Garmin such as Firstbeat Analytics, Body Battery, as well as the Garmin Connect app.

“During the current pandemic, people’s interest in sports continues to increase, including running. According to health experts, if it is carried out with good health protocols, running sports can be carried out regularly to increase stamina and maintain endurance,” he said through his press statement, Wednesday (14/7).

This collaboration, he continued, shows a commitment to presenting gadget with the latest technology.

“This watch is specially designed for beginner runners and is affordable. This product can be purchased online online through partner e-commerce marketplace Tokopedia and services Home Delivery Service via Whatsapp Center Urban Republic Store. The general public can enjoy the sophistication of this new product without the need to go to outlet we at mall,” he added.

Meanwhile, Country Manager Garmin Indonesia, Rian Krisna explained, “With a smooth and lightweight appearance, the Forerunner 55 tracks every step of running, cycling trips and pool mileage, combining a reliable performance monitoring tool for novice runners.

“With mode With comprehensive running, customized daily workout tips, and improved health monitoring, this watch will help its wearer improve performance, both on and off the track. We hope that the presence of Forerunner 55 can help people live an active lifestyle without being limited by the pandemic,” he explained.

This product is available at Garmin Official Store e-commerce marketplace Tokopedia and Garmin Brand Store starting from July 15, 2021 at a price of IDR 3,199,000 with a variety of color choices, including: black, white, and aqua. This product will also be available on the Urban Republic Store network and some outlet Erafone from 26 July 2021.

“We know there are runners of all skill levels who prefer a simpler running watch,” said Dan Bartel, Vice President of Garmin Worldwide Sales. “With that in mind, Forerunner 55 provides informative and easy-to-digest data in a way that can help users achieve their running goals, while encouraging them to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

In assisting the government’s efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, Erajaya Group and Garmin Indonesia present several initiatives, including:

Mobile Shopping: Ordering and selling services through the Whatsapp Center at 0819 9740 0585 to make it easier for people to get their dream Garmin products safely and comfortably.

Home Delivery Service: Free delivery of Garmin products* and services product setting and product training directly to the user’s home.

E-Catalog: Comprehensive information regarding Garmin products that are equipped with hotlinks to be able to connect directly to the Whatsapp Center.

In order to maintain health and comfort, team personel outlet those who deliver goods have been equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which includes the use of masks, face shield, gloves and disinfectant.

This watch has five buttons consisting of Off/On/Menu, Scroll up/Widgets, Scroll down/Widgets, Start/Stop/Activity and Lap.

In addition, features Daily suggested workouts (LITE) will guide the exercise taking into account the user’s fitness level. The advice can be in the form of daily running and cycling. In addition, there are also features available PacePro (LITE) which can provide speed guidance. This feature will help plan the ideal speed strategy in carrying out activities and maximizing performance. Data field adjustments can also be made based on the desired training improvement effort.

When Forerunner 55 is installed with third-party applications such as Zwift it can be used for virtual running. Connect the smartwatch with smartphone through Bluetooth, then speed, heart rate and cadence data will be sent using the activity profile Virtual Run or virtual run.

While the GPS/Galileo/Glonass feature will increase the accuracy of tracking outdoor workouts. Tracking every step can be done by this smartwatch while running or cycling. While swimming in the pool, smartwatch can also measure the distance traveled. The Forerunner 55 user performance monitoring tool is highly reliable for novice runners.

For those who want to be able to contact emergency contacts when an incident occurs, there are also features available incident Detection. This feature makes it easy to share your location with predefined contacts. Well, for women, Forerunner 55 is equipped with Menstrual Tracking which can track the menstrual cycle in detail. Record keeping includes physical and emotional symptoms, regular and irregular cycles of transition, and menopause. (Various sources/Faithful Ade Amarullah)

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