Equipped with high security features, BlackBerry will release a 5G QWERTY phone

PR TASIKMALAYA – BlackBerry is preparing to release its cellphone again QWERTY network supported 5G next year.

Having dominated cellphone sales in the past few years, OnwardMobility and FIH Mobile are currently developing new smart phones.

“As the exclusive supplier for OnwardMobility, we are committed to presenting BlackBerry devices 5G new to the market.

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“Leveraging our deep expertise in design, manufacturing, parts supply and logistics management,” said Dr. Wen-Yi Kuo, Executive Director of FIH Mobile.

Quoted from Anatara, the name BlackBerry, which had soared, actually died instantly in 2018, since the emergence of new competitors.


BlackBerry will be equipped features security, moreover, this new cellphone will come through keyboard QWERTY.

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Features-features those who attended later were combined with Android. Even so, there is no definite date when the cellphone was released.

“Company professionals really want the device 5G safety solutions that enable productivity, without compromising the user experience, ”said OnwardMobility CEO Peter Franklin.

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