Equality came to the series… Fenerbahce Beko 81-82 Darüşşafaka (Match result)

ING Basketball Super League play-off semi-finals second game Fenerbahce backhoe with Darüşşafaka faced.

The yellow-dark blue players Jan Vesely and Nando De Colo, who started the fight well at Ülker Sports and Event Hall, finished the first quarter with the scorer’s game. 27-15 closed ahead.

Starting the second quarter well, Daçka caught a 9-0 series. Doğuş Özdemiroğlu, Troy Caupain and Nathan Boothe scored points and the visiting team managed to take the lead. Maintaining its superiority at the end of the quarter, Selçuk Ernak’s team entered the game with 3 points difference: 41-44.

Contested third quarter 60-64 Closed ahead, Darüşşafaka took the lead up to 8 in the last ten minutes. Melih Mahmutoğlu’s points, melting the difference yellow-dark blue, 1.34 to the end of the score shared the score (79-79). Daçka, who took the lead with Boothe’s three-pointer, made no mistakes in the last part of the match and left the park. 81-82 was victorious.

With this win of Darüşşafaka, the series went to 1-1.

Nando De Colo 24, Jan Vesely While producing 17 points, in Darüşşafaka Birth Ozdemiroglu 20, Nathan Boothe He played with 17 points.

Third game of the series Saturday, May 28 It will be played at 19.00, hosted by Darüşşafaka.

The side that passed the round by reaching 3 wins Anadolu EfesGalatasaray Nef will fight for the championship with the winner of the match.

Salon: Ülker Sports and Events
Referees: Ali Serkan Emlek, Mehmet Karabilecen, Kaan Büyükçil

Fenerbahce Beko: Henry 2, De Colo 24, Tarık Biberovic 9, Booker 4, Vesely 17, Melih Mahmutoğlu 15, Guduric 4, İsmet Akpınar 2, Metecan Birsen 3, Ahmet Düverioğlu 1, Şehmus Hazer
Darüşşafaka: Caupain 9, Doğuş Özdemiroğlu 20, Pineiro 4, Boothe 17, Olaseni 11, McCullough 6, Sinan Güler 4, Troy Selim Şav 6, Can Maxim Mutaf 3, Bora Yaşar 2

1. Period: 27-15
Circuit: 41-44
3. Period: 60-64

Five fouls: 39.51 Caupain (Darüşşafaka)

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