Epson’s Commitment to Education: Innovative Solutions for Future Learning

Epson’s Commitment to Education: Innovative Solutions for Future Learning

Epson continues to highlight innovative technological solutions deployed for the benefit of training institutions and teachers, thus contributing to the improvement of learning methods and the development of skills for the future.

Epson’s philanthropic commitment to the education sector continues. The company recently donated EcoTank printers, worth €50,000, to the Usain Bolt Foundation which is engaged in educational and cultural initiatives in Jamaica. Epson Ambassador Usain Bolt expressed his gratitude for this vital donation which supports early childhood education, highlighting the importance of giving children access to information to help them with their learning.

Regarding support for preschool education in Morocco, a partnership was established last year with the Regional Academy of Education and Training (AREF) in the Casablanca-Settat region. At the end of this initiative, 157 preschool structures belonging to 5 provincial directorates of education and training in the region were able to benefit from a donation of printers, video projectors and educational materials, worth total of 500,000 DH.

The objective of such an action is to support early learning and encourage children to read through printable stories on a single page, fun booklets, etc. In short, this contribution makes it possible to print up to 2.5 million pages of educational materials allowing educators to create personalized lesson plans and worksheets.

“Epson is a global leader in the education market, and a key part of our overall strategy is supporting education through technology. We hope that these donations will help children benefit from a rich education and realize their full potential. But we can’t do it all alone, which is why partnerships like this, among others around the world, are so important to help communities grow and prosper,” says Hicham El Abbadi, Sales manager enterprise – French speaking Africa & Dom com.

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The environment is another front on which Epson is committed. The company is investing 770 million euros to become a more sustainable company and develop sustainable technologies. As education is a powerful lever for creating a more sustainable future, Epson’s activities in communities are particularly focused on children and young people. In Europe, for example, the company launched its “New Horizons” educational program, which was designed to reach 10,000 schoolchildren. The program provides them with information and technology that will help them better understand the events taking place and better understand the impact of their actions. In Morocco, Epson organized in February 2023 with AREF and the Provincial Directorate of Ain Chock an awareness campaign on environmental protection which targeted 2,500 students.

This initiative mobilized mountaineering champion Bouchra Baibanou as a witness to the environmental damage. To encourage children to adopt simple actions aimed, in particular, at reducing water and electricity consumption, reducing the quantities of waste generated and fighting against food waste, Epson made donations to the various establishments , tools such as LED solar spotlights, gardening equipment, solar-powered lamps as well as coloring workshop kits, allowing the regular organization of workshops around the theme of the environment.

Furthermore, the Japanese technology giant recently strengthened its commitment to education technology -EdTech- by appointing Dr. Sarah Henkelmann-Hillebrand as Director of European Market Development for Education. This appointment is a key milestone for Epson in its mission to help its partners advise end users in the education sector as they seek to develop their technology offering.

Indeed, the education sector is constantly evolving and Epson recognizes the importance of guiding schools and teachers towards the best technological solutions. Dr. Henkelmann-Hillebrand, a keynote speaker at numerous conferences and author of several books on EdTech trends, brings valuable expertise in this regard. Its vision is focused on creating immersive learning that develops skills for the future, while respecting the carbon footprint. Epson is committed to realizing this vision by providing technology solutions that make learning more engaging and memorable, while pursuing sustainability goals.

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“Having developed its technology to deliver large-scale displays that create interactive, collaborative and immersive spaces suitable for education, Epson is well on its way to meeting its ambition to ensure high quality, inclusive and digital education. accessible,” underlines Hicham El Abbadi.

Epson has already been well established in this area for several years, and more than 33 million students in EMEA have studied using an Epson projector in 2022


* – Futuresource Consulting, juillet 2023

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