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The last stage of the installation in the new Émile Durkheim hospital in Épinal, the maternity unit, which results from the merger of the Blue Line service and that of the hospital, now offers a reinforced and versatile team. Since Monday, she has already seen several births.

« The new maternity unit benefits from a quality environment, in terms of both comfort and medical care », Congratulates Dr Christophe Baillet, President of the Louis Pasteur Health Group. It was a big challenge to bring together 2 teams with different cultures. There was anxiety upstream, but the team is now quite relaxed ».

“Woman mother and child” pole

The new hospital works as a “Woman mother and child” pole, which brings together gynecology, maternity and the neonatal service. ” This organization promotes parenthood and incorporates a kangaroo unit (method that allows to keep the mother-child bond and physical contact in the event of hospitalization) », Explains Marie-Lorraine Jacquemin, midwife of the Woman mother child center. The childcare auxiliaries are versatile and move from one service to another within this Pole.

ARS supports the merger

The merged service has 7 obstetricians, one of whom is part-time. (3 of them come from the Blue Line). It works with a team of 32 midwives (18 of whom come from the clinic), 34 auxiliary nurses (including 15 from the clinic) and 30 nurses (only one from the Blue Line). “The Regional Health Agency will support the teams for 6 months to finalize the merger », Specifies Dr Baillet. ” New arrivals are tutored while they find their feet », Adds Marie-Lorraine Jacquemin.

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A strong team

This whole new team benefits from a high-performance block, from a reinforced team which allows them to provide only 24-hour duty per week. And the PMA (medically assisted procreation) which is still at the Blue Line, will soon be transferred and join the new hospital. “If there was a drop in the birth rate of 5 to 10% in 2020 during the Covid, we perceive a slight rise that bodes well», Remarks Doctor Baillet. The goal is 1,400 to 1,500 births per year.

“The territory project that had to be carried out”

“The merger project was discussed in September 2018, recalls Marion Garnier, director of the Blue Line Clinic. It was not easy, but it was the structuring project that was needed for the next few years. Doctors want to work in reinforced teams that allow them to share the arduousness of the guards. The new hospital offers very attractive conditions with top-notch equipment. At some point, we have to stop thinking each in his corner “. The Blue Line will host a dialysis center.

Brigitte Boulay.

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