Epidemic-stricken Israel is considering a nationwide closure

The balance of deaths with covid-19 in Israel on Wednesday rose by 11 to a total of 1054. Schools have been closed since Tuesday and a night curfew is in place in the country’s 40 most affected coronavirus.

Health experts are now proposing a one-month closure in Israel. According to Israeli media, Rosh Hashanah could come into force next Thursday, the day before the Jewish New Year. As part of the measure, schools, restaurants, shopping centers, markets and other places are said to be closed. An alternative is the so-called “breathing” closure, which would not restrict the free movement of people so much, but would lead to the closure of several weeks.

Israel has seen a resurgence of those infected since May, when it released a nationwide closure introduced at the start of the pandemic. Last week, according to data from Johns Hopkins University (JHU), the country recorded the largest increases in new infections in the world per capita.

Orthodox Jews block the closure

The Israeli cabinet was expected to approve the introduction of full closures in the ten most affected coronavirus sites on Sunday, based on a recommendation from the government’s coronavirus agent. However, the religious parties in the governing coalition did not agree to such a move, as the measure would affect the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in particular.

At the same time, mayors in four of the ten areas warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that they would not cooperate with the authorities if the closures were introduced. Israeli Interior Minister Arje Deri, meanwhile, has asked the prime minister to proceed with the announcement of nationwide closures. Eventually, the cabinet took a milder form, declaring a night curfew in 40 “red” cities with high infections infected.

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