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What crazy reactions here, I think that most people who respond now do not have an (extensive) infotainment system in the car.
Currently, each brand has its own sauce, so Renault has its own software (together with Opel and so on). Then you have GM, Nissan / Toyota I thought, BMW, Mercedes and VAG. (Then I’m not talking about some more special cars such as a Tesla)

The Kia’s nowadays use an Android shell.

I will answer some of the comments mentioned:
– Isn’t it slow to start up?
Generally not, a system is often in a sleep mode for a few minutes or even hours after use (think of the sleep mode of your PC / laptop). When this time has passed, it often goes into deeper sleep. The moment your key is activated, the systems in the car already start (often without the screen on), or if you have a digital key-less key, it starts within a certain range.

– Will I not get an empty battery?
No, the system often balances and checks how much power is very available, if there is too little voltage, the start-up can take longer (starting the engine always comes first with a petrol car)

– But there are so many systems already, what’s the point of releasing this Engine?
If I just look on Steam how many people make their own game with the Unreal Engine, then the workability is great, if you now want to develop software for a car you must soon have an integrated systems training, this market can now become straight drawn up so that several fun things can be thought up at least at concept level

– This is a distraction while driving!
No, in general an infotainment system must meet certain conditions, such as not watching media in a moving car. The fact that an animation is smooth does not mean that this is distracting (I noticed that myself. I have been driving with extensive infotainment systems since 2010), they often help to better display your route determination, camera view 360 degrees, information about a flat tire, vehicles in front, connecting trailer, you name it. While driving, it must be a dumb MP3 / Spotify / DAB / FM player with warnings that are interesting. Or in the case of Hummer, for example, being able to display an off-road position, which axles are where, what is my center of gravity, what gear am I in, what kind of roll do I have, etc.

I need a heavy video card in the car
This is not too bad, you also have an energy saving mode on your laptop. The moment you even drive an electric car there is always enough voltage to keep the system in the air, the video cards that can show the Unreal engine properly do not have to have a large TDP.

What I personally hope for:
– Long support (a car can last more than 5 years, the depreciation of a “normal” infotainment system, after that time you often no longer have navi updates). That’s why Apple Carplay and Android Auto is so interesting
– Adapt the interface yourself or create and install plugins yourself. With many cars you can now add some codes, etc. via a detour, your own app would be brilliant. For example, a game store for when your car is on the charger!
– Smooth interface
This depends on the party that will build it and the hardware they use. Hardware in a car is not expensive to purchase, but is expensive due to testing, because it must continue to work as long as possible, as stable as possible and with a stable value.

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