Epic Games v. Apple judge warns of implications for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo

US District Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers, who is handling the Epic Games v Apple case, warned of the potential repercussions for console manufacturers. She statedthat Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo operate similar services.

Epic Games argued in the lawsuit that mobile devices are different from other platforms because they do not need plugs and separate screens. The presence of the above parameters excludes the possibility of a mobile game.

Rogers dismissed Epic’s argument, saying the platforms could be similar from a consumer perspective. She noted that in the US judicial practice there is no necessary precedent that would explain the difference between similar services. However, the judge stressed that it is important to get more information about the operation of the platforms of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo in order to find out if they can replace iOS devices.

Formerly Judge Rogers appointed the date of the trial – the trial will be held in May 2021. In addition, it allowed Apple to keep Fortnite Battle Royale out of the App Store, but banned Unreal Engine from being removed from the service. She considered the latter an unnecessary step.

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