Epic Games Store receives user reviews

Three and a half years after launch, Epic Games Store now gives users the opportunity to submit ratings and reviews to the game titles themselves.

It can feel like a matter of course that digital game stores allow users to leave a few lines where they can say what they think about game titles they have played. Especially since Steam, which is the largest platform, has had such a feature for a long time. However, the Epic Games Store has been without such a feature for about three and a half years, but now it’s time.

When Epic Games launched its digital game store, it was met with a lot of negative reviews. This was due to, among other things, confusing menus, substandard performance for the application itself and very few functions. Epic Games, on the other hand, has continued to file and polish its game store and now a new feature is coming to the Epic Games Store.

Users can now leave a rating from one to five stars and leave a written review about the games they played. However, Epic Games has set a requirement that must be met before users can submit a review. The game title to be reviewed must have been played for at least two hours on the account leaving the review. Epic Games hopes that this will counteract so-called review bombing.

The online store will also provide questions to randomly selected users regarding the games they play. Questions like “How challenging are the bosses in this game?” and “Is this game good for group play?”. The answers to these questions will then be converted into general keywords for the games. Something Epic Games hopes will lead to users being able to find games that appeal to them more easily.

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