Epic Games Store Daily Game Giveaway confirmed by another source


Giving away games during the holiday season is something of a “new age-old tradition” for the Epic Games Store. A few days ago we reported the first leaks of information on this issue. Now these data have been confirmed by the gg.deals portal, which found information about Christmas sales in the developer service on EGS. The information was gathered quite quickly by Epic Games, but nothing goes missing online, so we’re pretty sure players have something to look forward to now.

The published announcement states that the promotion will begin on December 15th and will last until January 5th. 15 titles will participate in the distribution. The first free game will be available for download from December 15th to 16th, the next from December 16th to 17th and so on. We will have time to download the latest game (or game pack, who knows) from December 29th to January 5th. Additionally, players can expect free shareware cosmetic items to use in the game.

Unfortunately, nothing is known yet about the specific things that will be available. At this point, we can only recall which games the Epic Games Store has given away in 2021. These were, for example, Dead by Daylight, Loop Hero, Vampyr, Shenmue III, Prison Architect or the Tomb Raider trilogy.

During the holiday period, we can also expect the return (after six months) of the Epic Games Store Coupon, which has always been quite popular among gamers. It will likely let you take advantage of the 25% discount (and that will likely apply to games priced at $59.99 and up, like in May).

However, before the Christmas giveaway begins, Epic Games is expected to launch a December 8-10 promotion related to The Game Awards. In past years, the discounts on this occasion reached 70%.

More details and official information on this year’s Epic Games Store Christmas promotion will likely appear in the near future. However, it is already safe to say that gamers will most likely again have a unique opportunity to get a dozen interesting games for free to make their December evenings more pleasant.

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