Epic Games Free 3 Games, Including Football Manager 2020 and Watch Dog 2, Hurry Download

FIXINDONESIA.COM – Gamers must know the game Football Manager 2020 and Watch Dog 2.The games were recently rumored to be claimable and then downloadable free of Epic Games.

Epic Games is a game software development company and a game platform provider. The company is based in Cary, North Carolina and was first founded in 1991.

In this week Epic Games give 4 games in a way free that is Football Manager 2020, Stick It to the Man, dan Watch dog 2.

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The first game is Football Manager 2020, which is a simulation game of speak ball management developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega as the successor Football Manager 2019.

In the game Football Manager 2020, the player takes the role of a speaker coach who tries to be the best for soccer players.

Then Watch Dogs 2 is an adventure action themed game about a person hacker young men who have a great mission to hacking largest in history.

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Game Watch Dogs 2 itself is produced by Ubisoft which is no stranger to the audience gamer.


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