Enzo Fernandez ready to do anything for Chelsea, threatened Benfica with a video

Indiscretions are arriving from Portugal on the modalities of the negotiation between Benfica and Chelsea for the transfer of Enzo Fernandez. And there is also a background on the footballer.

What the story between Enzo Fernandez and the Benfica it had not ended well, it was already understood from the statements of the president of the Portuguese team Rui Costa. According to the indiscretions of the Lusitanian tabloids, the negotiation with the Chelsea it took a very bad turn and there was even a risk of physical confrontation between the managers. In the end, it was the Blues who came out on top, also because the will of the world champion player who put something of himself into it with a lot of alleged threat against what is now his former club was decisive.

After the long back and forth, Chelsea and Benfica met in London on 3 January. A summit in the presence of the number one of the Portuguese, the owner of Chelsea Todd Boehly and the super manager Jorge Mendes. As reported by Record, the situation would have precipitated, with the parties unable to find an agreement on the modalities of the transfer. The dispute escalated and even came close to a fight. In particular, Rui Costa would have fled in a rage due to the about-face of the Londoners who no longer wanted to offer the 107 million pounds of the clause, but 80 million plus a welcome return. The red and whites would have liked Kovacic, but the Croatian’s excessive salary made everything impossible.

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As the days went by, Chelsea’s will made the difference: the money from the clause was put back on the table, pace also from the proposal of the former Fiorentina and Milan midfielder, i.e. a discount with the possibility of retaining Enzo Fernandez until at the end of the season. After so much effort, therefore, the discussion has come to a close, with the parties having formalized the operation and the usual ritual declarations. The Argentina star in particular posted a message of thanks for Benfica, before expressing all his enthusiasm for the arrival in London.

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But the revelations about the excited negotiation didn’t end there. In fact, Record also leaked that the footballer would have personally worked to facilitate his transfer. As? Threatening Benfica with the prospect of publishing a video in which he blamed the situation on the club’s structure. A situation neither confirmed nor denied by the Lisbon company. Perhaps also for this reason,

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