World Environmental organizations point to insufficient "green" thinking in planning...

Environmental organizations point to insufficient “green” thinking in planning for economic recovery after Covid-19 – Opinions – News


According to Liene Brizga-Kalniņa, LDF Communication Manager, in order to remind about the need to include environmental and nature issues in economic recovery plans, representatives of environmental organizations will visit the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development under Juris Pūce (AP).

PDF has previously stated in its report that the factors that contribute to the emergence of Covid-19-like diseases are related to human activities – land use change and the transformation of natural ecosystems. Thereby,

nature conservation and tackling the climate crisis are critical to avoid further pandemics.

“At the same time, Latvia’s post-Covid economic recovery plan does not include specific goals and criteria for green and inclusive economic development. Therefore, environmental organizations are concerned about Latvia’s lack of action and want to encourage industry ministers to be more proactive in integrating environmental issues into common plans.” indicated in a statement circulated by environmental organizations.

Environmental organizations believe that

State aid mechanisms should facilitate the transition to a non-enriching model of economic development in line with long-term environmental, climate and nature protection objectives.

Growth must also be decoupled from fossil fuels, and the circular economy and the production of high value-added services and products with low climate and environmental impact must be promoted. Only such business models will be able to survive in the long run, and public funds must not be wasted in unsustainable solutions, the opinion of environmental organizations was expressed by Liz communication manager Brizga-Kalniņa.

She added that it was equally important not to lower environmental requirements in the name of economic recovery. On the contrary, strengthening existing environmental standards and policies should be part of the recovery plans.

PDF director Jānis Rozītis emphasizes that we must not deviate from what has been done and planned in recent years, reducing the urgency of environmental problems, because only this can ensure security, public health, modern economic development and long-term stability.

“Recovery plans must include” environmental quality filters “so that the problems caused by the climate and biodiversity crisis do not become more pronounced in the future and their solutions become more expensive,” Rozītis urges.

Andrejs Briedis, Chairman of the LDF Council, reminds that Latvia was among the European Union (EU) countries that emphasized the importance of the green exchange rate in economic recovery in April this year.

“However, with regard to the objectives of the green course in connection with the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, Latvia ‘s position has so far been rather negative.

We hope that Latvia will use the priorities and action directions set in the European Green Course for economic recovery and investments both in agriculture and other areas, “said Briedis.

Jānis Brizga, a representative of the Green Freedom Association, is also convinced that the recovery of the economies of the countries that will be achieved by demonstrating even higher climate protection ambitions and efficient use of natural resources will be more competitive on a global and EU scale.

“To achieve this, Latvia should identify the main sectors of the economy that would stimulate the transition to a climate-neutral and circular economy, and receive the main support for these sectors. Public investment to save polluting sectors and develop fossil energy infrastructure should not be allowed,” Brizga said.


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