Environment evacuated due to large fire in snack bar in Friesland | NOW

During a large, spreading fire in a snack bar on the Hoofdstraat in Wolvega in Friesland, a gas leak started in the night from Sunday to Monday. The area has been evacuated because of the leakage and the smoke released during the fire.

It concerns at least ten surrounding buildings and a residential complex for the elderly, a spokesperson for the fire brigade reported. Residents are accommodated in the town hall.

The fire broke out late Sunday evening on the ground floor of the snack bar. Around 23.00 the fire was scaled up to GRIP 1, or ‘large fire’. No one was in the building, according to the fire department. A gas tap burned out, creating an explosion hazard. This danger has now passed, the spokesman said.

The fire was brought under control shortly after midnight, but by then the gas leak had already started. Shortly afterwards, the fire flared up again. The fire service is trying to save neighboring buildings, but the fire has spread to at least one building. According to the fire service, the snack bar must be considered lost.

The cause of the fire is not yet known. The fire releases a lot of black smoke. The safety region of Fryslân warns local residents to stay out of the smoke.

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