entry guidelines rules abu dhabi Malayalam: Wear smart watch and leave on quarantine; Abu Dhabi with new Kovid restrictions – all you need to know about abu dhabis new entry guidelines


  • Wearing a smart watch will leave you in the home quarantine for 10 days.
  • If someone at home reports Kovid during the quarantine period, they must stay in the quarantine for another ten days.

Revised procedures for Kovid Positive Confirmation in Abu Dhabi.
For those who come to the hospital with Kovid positive Smart watch Let’s go home wearing it
Must be in quarantine. Authorities will call and inquire about the health of those living in the quarantine. Kovid provides the necessary advice to patients from Seha, a healthcare department.

But Kovid will conduct a detailed examination after registering the names of those who did not report with Salamtak Health Porter. They also have the facility to visit the hospital and undergo tests during their stay in the quarantine. However, those who come in contact with the Kovid victims will have to go to the Zayed Port in Mina to be examined and from here the smart watch will be put on.

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Kovid criteria must be met until the Kovid test results are obtained. Those with serious symptoms will be taken to hospital. Those who do not show major symptoms will be left on the home quarantine for 10 days wearing a smart watch. The government will only transfer those who do not have quarantine facilities to the quarantine. Those who do not have major symptoms will be screened for PCR. The PCR test should be performed on the eighth day out of ten days. If it is negative, the smart watch should be returned on the tenth day. If someone reports covid at home during the home quarantine period, they must stay in the quarantine for another ten days.

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Visitors from non-green countries will be given a smartwatch at the airport. They should also take the PCR test on the eighth day. They can return the watch based on the test results. The alarm will sound if you try to take off the smart watch or try to leave the house. Failure to comply with the government’s instructions will result in a fine of 50,000 dirhams, officials said.


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Sandeep Warrier with controversial reference


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