Entrepreneurs want to keep corona admission ticket in law

The CTB is missing in the concept of the corona law. This would have to do, among other things, with the political resistance to the corona admission ticket.

‘last resort’

According to the company lobby, it is very important that all possible resources are available in the event of a possible new corona wave. “We would rather see that the CTB does not have to be deployed at all, but if companies were to close without the CTB, it can be a last resort,” said a spokesperson for the business associations.

The entrepreneurs also demand from the cabinet that it is ‘crystal clear’ for society as a whole which different corona scenarios there are and which criteria apply.

Anchoring in law

The cabinet is currently preparing a law that anchors the temporary measures of the past 2.5 years in the law. Until the beginning of 2020, for example, the legislation did not provide for the power to impose a safe distance or other measures, such as a mask obligation for healthy people.

Of all these measures, the corona admission ticket probably encountered the most resistance. At the end of 2021, more than 20,000 people demonstrated against it in The Hague:

In order to be able to impose such measures, a temporary law was introduced in 2020, which was extended each time. After five extensions, the House of Representatives demanded that the temporary legislation be ended and that the cabinet submit a definitive ‘corona law’ to parliament.

The cabinet hopes to be able to do this soon after the summer.

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