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Entrepreneurs in Jaroměř Demand Local Support Amid Rising Prices in Czech Republic

photo: Commons, Wikimedia, for free use/Jaroměř

Two entrepreneurs from Jaroměř in East Bohemia turned to the PrahaIN.cz server. It was part of the Prague – Hradec Králové – Trutnov – Poland route for many years. In recent months, our northern neighbors have once again become a frequent destination for many visits.

There are two reasons: cheap food and fuel.

It was precisely for this reason that the mentioned tradesmen turned to the editorial office. He has been working in the city for years. For years, they say, they have been watching how transit destroys the surroundings of Jaroměř and how the crowds of passengers “don’t even notice where they are”. According to them, something should be done about it. However, they are unable to answer what exactly.

One has a grocery store, the other focuses on sports accessories. We know the second named person personally, it was in his shop that we bought bicycle accessories.

“You see, you are probably the only ones from Prague who come all the way here,” remarked the fifty-year-old. “Otherwise it looks like when it gets more expensive here and there is something cheaper in Poland, you just see thousands of different license plates flying through the city and burning it up to Trutnov,” he said.

We wrote

Fuel prices have started to rise in the Czech Republic, and those who can afford it are going to their Polish neighbors to fill up again. Saves up to five hundred on a full tank…

The other man, the one with the groceries, perceives the problems in the same way. “I can easily do an event that I have a discount on drinks, on beer, but no one will stop me here anyway, because in Poland it’s still forty percent lower, I can’t compete with that, I’m a small business owner, I don’t have Makra’s purchase prices and the like,” he mentioned .

Both would like the local government to support local entrepreneurs. They say it’s not happening. “Signs or other notices would be enough, because otherwise we have nothing from those columns, we just make a living here and compete with Lidl,” they concluded.

In that context, PrahaIN.cz addressed the mayor of Jaroměř, Jan Borůvka (ANO). He did not respond by the time of publication.

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