Entrepreneurs Ask for the ‘Nusantara’ State Capital Law to be Immediately Socialized

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Regional Autonomy Development, Sarman Simanjorang, asked the government to immediately disseminate the law IKN and its derivative rules, particularly those concerning business and investment opportunities.

“So that entrepreneurs can prepare themselves, the sector they will enter is good for the short, medium, long term in accordance with the development targets announced between 2020-2045,” he explained in a written release, Sunday (23/1).

The General Chairperson of the DKI Jakarta HIPPI DPD added that business actors also hope that domestic entrepreneurs will give priority to various work and investment opportunities in the new capital.

Meanwhile, certain sectors that require high technology and large capital can be given to foreign investors while still being required to partner with MSMEs.

In addition, he hopes that the IKN Authority Agency which will be formed within the next two months can be filled with professional figures, having experience in the fields of service, licensing as well as planning, leadership, and an extensive network.

“Because it is the figures who will sit on the structure of the Authority who will carry out the mandate of the IKN Law which will formulate various policies and directions for IKN development,” he added.

Sarman assessed that the level of trust and confidence of investors will also be largely determined by the figure who will sit on the IKN Authority.

Therefore, he reminded President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to be selective.

He also said that the business world welcomes the IKN Law, which he believes is the beginning of efforts to create equitable economic growth in the central region of Kalimantan, which has an impact on the eastern region.

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“With the start of the IKN development process, it will be able to contribute to increasing national economic growth in 2022,” he explained.

As is known, the Government of Indonesia and the Indonesian House of Representatives have ratified the IKN Law on Tuesday (18/1). One of the points mandated in the regulation is that the President must appoint the head of the IKN authority no later than 2 months after the law is passed.

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