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enthusiast added elements of chance to the game – Gambling

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Action movie Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice came out a year ago. And, although the game has become a favorite for many, over the past time it was already possible to go through and study it lengthwise and across. This problem was tried to solve by the builder under the nickname thefifthmatt.

On the portal Nexus can download Maud Sekiro Enemy and Item Randomizer, which introduces an element of randomness into the game and works almost like procedural generation. With it, you can swap various bosses and enemies, as well as change the arrangement of objects.

For those who want to refresh their game, a number of presets have been prepared. With their help, you can replace part of ordinary enemies with bosses, populate the game world exclusively with animals or remove demons. A special mode changes all opponents to the most complex and annoying enemies existing in the game.

One player recorded a walkthrough using the Sekiro Enemy and Item Randomizer. For him, he chose the most insane option: he replaced absolutely all the enemies with the final boss, the master of the sword Issin. It is easy to see how the prospect of encountering a couple of Issinov changes the feeling of the game.

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