Entertainment Places Influence HIV / AIDS Cases

MAJALENGKA, SC- Entertainment venues are one of the things that influence the increase in the number of HIV / AIDS cases in Majalengka Regency. Because of this, the National AIDS Commission (KPA) must respond to this association in entertainment venues in the prevention and control of HIV / AIDS.

This was stated by Deputy Regent of Majalengka, Tarsono D Mardiana at a coordination meeting on HIV / AIDS prevention and control in Majalengka Regency, Monday (19/10/2020).

Vice Regent Tarsono said, from 2001 to August 2020 the number of HIV / AIDS cases was 510 cases, with the distribution of HIV as many as 121 and AIDS as many as 389 cases.

“The increase in HIV / AIDS cases in Majalengka Regency shows that the handling of this case is not just health but also social problems. The emergence of discrimination or stigma from the surrounding community, “he said.

According to the Vice Regent, HIV services are also included in the minimum regional health service standards for health services for people with the risk of being infected with the HIV virus.

Handling, prevention and control of HIV / AIDS must be synchronized with each agency. For this reason, the Government of Majalengka Regency through Regent Decree No. 441.5 / Kep. 68 – Kesra / 2020 has formed the secretariat of the District AIDS Commission (KPA).

“To support KPA operations, the Government of Majalengka Regency has provided grants in the form of 3 motorbikes, other equipment and office equipment,” he explained.

The deputy regent asked the new KPA administrators to coordinate, synergize with related agencies. “Form a community or activists who care about AIDS in each district, to better educate the public about HIV / AIDS,” he concluded.

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In the same place the Head of the Majalengka District Health Office, H Alimudin said, HIV / AIDS is a chronic disease that can be managed, like any other chronic disease.

“HIV already has a cure, namely Anti Retro Viral (ARV), early ARV treatment keeps PLHAs healthy and productive and can prevent new infections,” he said. (Inside)

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