Enter the 10th year! Modric Yantria renewed Madrid contract but brushed aside talks about Ramos

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The veteran, white midfielder insists on preparing to renew his contract for another year, resulting in a 10-year service opportunity. Do not ask to comment on this matter.

Today (14 Jan ’64) Luka Modric, veteran midfielder Real Madrid giants of La Liga, Spain revealed that they are negotiating a new contract with the team. With a good trend Expected to finish an additional one year after the news has been a significant force since moving from Spurs, the news of Sergio Ramos’ move did not ask for any comment.

The 35-year-old has a contract with the White King until the end of June 2021 only, although he is getting older. But it is still an important force Played for the team in this season, up to 23 matches, including all competitions, which if there is an additional one year contract extension, it will make this football player Have the opportunity to play with the team for up to 10 full years ever

“I cannot say much. But currently talking to the club Everything is going well. In the past I have tried to give everything to work hard for the club. And I still want to continue serving the team, and Ramos is a great friend to me. I hope he will be happy with his choice. But this is a matter between him and the club. I will definitely not be able to meddle. “ Modric told reporters.

For Modric moved from Spurs to Madrid since the summer of 2012, serving a total of 366 matches, making 26 goals, including all competitions, winning with a total of 15 teams.

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