Enter here the link for the Madrasati platform for the virtual classroom for the teacher in Saudi Arabia to take advantage of the lessons of the new My School platform

Enter here My school platform For virtual classes, searches have increased in recent times about the way to enter the virtual classroom for the teacher and the student through the My Saudi School platform, in order for students to follow e-lessons for all courses, and they also want to prove their attendance to the lessons in order to be able to succeed and pass the first semester successfully. Teachers are also about how to enter in order for teachers to meet with each other through the My School platform as if they are in the real school environment, and the Saudi Ministry of Education has prepared this virtual electronic platform to preserve the health of students and teachers from infection with the new Corona virus, and we will publish for you the link of the My School platform Educational.

A new link has been launched related to the Madrasati learning platform. So far, there have been about three sites pumping for the sake of or under the name “Return to Schools” due to all the visits that are uploaded by male and female students, and the online platform has become open for two periods, the morning and evening. A schedule of daily and weekly classes has been taken for all students, and they are able to complete the educational journey remotely.

The teacher enters all the virtual classes to start uploading the required lessons from him, so that all students can follow them through the electronic educational platform, in the context of completing the advanced educational system, where the broadcast begins between him and the student so that the two interact together.

Virtual Classroom

It is one of the effective e-learning methods that depend on it to a large extent in light of the developments of the current era, through the virtual classes the teacher can explain the lesson in an easy and simple way through the direct broadcast of the lessons, and this method provides the student to learn from his home by following the live broadcast of the lessons and he can Also discuss with the teacher and his classmates and ask questions and inquiries to the teacher.

How to enter the virtual classroom for the student

  • Log on to the platform of my school.
  • Use your Microsoft account to log in to the platform.
  • Click on (My Schedule), and your class schedule will appear.
  • You have to choose the lesson you want to attend, and click on the word “attendance” next to the lesson to confirm your attendance.
  • Then you will be taken to the Microsoft Teams app to attend the lesson.

How to create a virtual classroom for the teacher:

The teacher has to follow the following steps to be able to enter his classroom as follows:

  • Log in with your account.
  • Click on the word My Schedule, then choose the class.
  • Click on the lesson, then click (Set Up Lesson Now).
  • Define the lesson, class, and class to explain.
  • Select the material.
  • Upload the lesson, then click on the word (Next).
  • If you have notes for the lesson that will be explained, add notes, then click the box (Finish and Save).
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