Ensuring Safe and Happy Holidays: Wang Yixin’s Emphasis on Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Precautions

Wang Yixin emphasized at the province’s video dispatch meeting on safety precautions during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day

Strengthen the chain of responsibilities to ensure that people enjoy the holidays safely and happily

On September 27, the provincial government held a video conference on safety prevention work throughout the province during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on production safety, and conscientiously implemented the national autumn and winter forest and grassland fire prevention and fire prevention video and telephone conferences and the State Council Security Committee In accordance with the deployment requirements of the Provincial Office and the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, we have re-arranged the safety production work in key areas, and redeployed the tasks in the “2023 Action for Special Investigation and Rectification of Major Accident Hazards” and the “Year Action for the Implementation of Corporate Responsibilities”. Wang Yixin, member of the Standing Committee of the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, Executive Vice Governor, and Deputy Director of the Provincial Security Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Wang Yixin pointed out that the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day is the longest holiday this year, and various security risks are intertwined and superimposed. The flow of family visits, tourism, and students overlap. During the autumn harvest period, farmers and workers travel intensively, and transportation safety risks are prominent; mass gathering activities increase, and short-term crowd surges in some areas and places are prominent; some production areas are affected by market price fluctuations. The drive to resume and expand production has increased, putting greater pressure on safety work. All localities and departments must strengthen risk analysis and take effective measures to create a safe and stable environment for the people to enjoy the holidays safely.

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Wang Yixin emphasized that we must pay close attention to the characteristics of the festival and increase safety risk management and control in key industries such as mining, hazardous chemicals, industry and trade, transportation, gas, and housing construction. It is necessary to urge relevant personnel of the enterprise to perform their duties through “four non-directions” and online inspections, and truly implement safety responsibilities to important links, key positions and specific personnel; it is necessary to strictly control the safety of high-risk operations and strictly control high temperature and high pressure The number of personnel in high-risk areas such as flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful areas should be reduced to minimize safety risks; it is necessary to go deep into enterprises in densely populated places, labor-intensive and high-risk industries, strictly investigate hidden dangers, and speed up rectification. It is necessary to strengthen precise law enforcement, further consolidate responsibilities, insist on strict investigation and punishment, treat both symptoms and root causes, and continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of the “two actions”.

Wang Yixin requested that all localities and departments should strengthen duty monitoring and information reporting, and rescue teams at all levels and types should always maintain a state of readiness. At the same time, they should not relax their efforts to prevent and extinguish forest fires, and strive to create a safe and peaceful environment for the people of the province to celebrate the festival. social environment. (Reporter Di Jie)

(Editors: Zhang Qi, Li Zhongshuang)

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