Enrique Tenreiro: The artist who painted Franco’s tomb, accused of damages and public disorder | Radio Coruña

He sculptor from A Coruña Enrique Tenreiro, that last October 31 he painted a dove on Franco’s grave and the legend “for freedom”, has declared in his summons to the Civil Guard that it was a “performance”, for which he is now accused of damages and a crime of public disorder.

In its appearance before the Oleiros Civil Guard (A Coruña) has answered all the questions, as indicated to Efe, and has remarked that it was nothing more than an artistic expression that sought to seek happiness in those who were deprived of it by the dictatorship.

It was aimed at that “damaged” generation and with the desire that one day there will be no more resentment for the recent past, he remarked.

His was, therefore, according to his own words, a gesture for reconciliation, and that is why he is satisfied that at least he is not accused of “hatred”, because it is not the case; but he sees the public disorder as excessive, since he understands that he has not disturbed the peace by executing an act of violence.

In his summons, he has recounted how he challenged security, what is his relationship with the Galician photojournalist Pedro Armestre, who recorded the events and has also had to provide his testimony, and Tenreiro also recalled that he used a paint that disappears easily, very easy to wash.

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