Enrico Mentana interview with the mask Lucia Azzolina: “I didn’t want to set a bad example”

Enrico Mentana has just made his debut in the interview with mask on his news of La7 and it did not go unnoticed. On social media, comments divided between those who speak of “good example” and who even speak of “antics”. It was the first time on a newscast. In the studio, during the lockdown, there were no guests and with Phase 2 no one had ever worn a mask.

Director, what has changed from yesterday to today?
“From today, there is an explicit request from the government and the regions to extend the use of masks as much as possible. It seemed inappropriate to me, on the day of the announcement, to give an example to the contrary, given that the interviewee’s position is very close ».

But indoors, in shops and restaurants, the mask was already mandatory, yet TV studios have always been an exception.
“Today, the premier spoke to the cameras with the mask and said that masks should also be worn at home when receiving guests. It was difficult to make this thing feel without the mask having a guest less than a meter away. Also because it was a minister, there was Lucia Azzolina ».

From tomorrow we have to expect the masks in all the La7 talks and on the other networks?
«In the talks there is distancing. What does that have to do with anything?”.

And in the other news?
“I haven’t started a new course. I don’t want to be an example or fashion. Thank goodness, I don’t need these things to get noticed. ‘

7 October 2020 (change October 7, 2020 | 22:04)



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