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In a press conference that took place recently, the Clippers star declared himself in top form for the resumption in Orlando. As a reminder, after shoulder level surgery last summer, Kawhi Leonard’s friend had missed the first eleven regular games and underwent a fairly tough rehabilitation program. The temporary shutdown of the Grande Ligue therefore allowed him to take good care of himself and to return to 100%. So much the better, we know one on the Oregon side that would have made headlines if you had not come …

Have a great time to pick up the Paulo in Orlando. Faced with journalists, PG13 was delighted with his state of form for the restart of the NBA. A situation he attributes to the stoppage of matches, which allowed his shoulder to recover well from an operation that occurred last June. Despite everything, we still talk about a guy who poses 21 points, 5.7 rebounds and 3.9 assists on average this season, so that didn’t stop him from doing dirty regularly. We imagine then what it could give when the beast is in possession of all its means. In fact, even with more than interesting statistics, the Clippers’ winger said that he was embarrassed by the re-education process he underwent, which required a lot of attention. He also touts the benefits of cutting for his entire team.

“During the entire season, until last month, I always had a shoulder re-education program to follow, to warm it up properly. I spent a lot of energy on this rehabilitation before I even set foot on the ground. Now I feel great. At the team level, confinement allowed us to take the time it took to get well. We had guys in physical trouble, harassed by injuries. The break time therefore has us to take care of all that and come back to 100%. “

Doc Rivers is rubbing his hands when reading these lines. Always disturbed by absences in his workforce, the Clips coach will finally have a full workforce ready to dismantle everyone, especially the teams playing in yellow and purple. The fact remains that he can now count on a Paul George gala, ready to defend on anyone, even Damian Lillard.

With a Paul George and more generally a team again in possession of all its means, the Clippers should be even more freaking than before. Now you guys have to move, we want to put on our underpants on a Lakers-Clippers conference final. Finally if Portland does not pass there before…

Text source: NBCSports

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