Enola Holmes, first official images of the film that the beneficiaries of Sherlock Holmes attack Netflix

The film Enola Holmes, adapted from novels Enola Holmes’ Investigations by Nancy Springer, saw its broadcasting rights purchased by Netflix few months ago. It will thus appear exclusively on the platform, on an as yet unknown date. We only find out this week its all first official images, allowing us to appreciate Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin in costumesEnola, Sherlock and MyCroft Holmes. The other big name in the cast of the feature film directed by Harry Bradbeer will be Helena Bonham Carter, who will be none other than the mother of the siblings.

Enola Holmes Netflix 3

At the same time, the film has to face a funny controversy. Conan Doyle Estate, who has the last rights to exploit the character, indeed accuses the film of Netflix to violate his property. The case is likely to be quite incredible, because the company only has the stories and ideas of the last ten novels around Sherlock Holmes published between 1923 and 1927, but the character and the first stories of Arthur Conan Doyle have been in the public domain since 2014.

The beneficiaries explain that in the works they still have, Sherlock is portrayed as a more human and more than just a brilliant detective, and that this personality is found in the film Enola Holmes of Netflix (Himself adapted from a novel that is not worried about the complaint, remember).

Enola Holmes Netflix 2 Enola Holmes Netflix 4

This legal attack still looks a lot like a desperate attempt to grab a share of the booty of the SVOD. It may well never come to fruition, but if you like legal battles like this, you have a new one to follow.

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