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This Valentine’s Day, surprise your partner with a book full of challenges, adventures, ideas or different plans to live unique experiences together. This way you can spend more time together and at the same time enjoy plans that you both like. And in case you have ever wondered if you really know your partner 100%, there are also books with a multitude of questions to rediscover yourself and share very special moments. A perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

So if you are looking to surprise your partner with a book of this style, keep reading because in this selection you will find four models, available on Amazon, which include vouchers, challenges, adventures and very original ideas so that you can do it with your partner whenever you want. Discover them!

20 romantic vouchers for couples

If you don’t know what to give your partner, this voucher book is a perfect idea. It has 15 different plans and five blank vouchers to be able to fill them to our liking.

The paper with which this checkbook is made is a high-quality paper, which allows the ink not to pass through. It is also available with other different vouchers.

Original design

Each of the vouchers has an image related to the plan and you can write who it is addressed to, the day and time to do it. A very original and special design!

101 challenges and adventures for couples

This book includes 101 ideas, challenges and adventures to do as a couple. Without a doubt, a very original and surprising gift for this Valentine’s Day!

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So you can share with your partner a multitude of unique experiences. The notebook is large and has predesigned pages, but at the same time they are fully customizable.

Space to place photographs

Inside each of the pages there is a space to place 10 x 15 centimeter photographs, as well as a box to write a sentence that immortalizes that experience.

How well do you know your partner? 160 questions to find out

Have you ever wondered if you really know your partner 100%? Well now you can find out thanks to this book that incorporates 160 questions throughout its 42 pages to find out if you really know each other.

This book is a very original gift for this Valentine’s Day and will allow you to rediscover, communicate and above all get to know each other much better. Dare to accept the challenge!

Test type format

To make it much more fun answering the questions, the format of this book is multiple choice with several options for each question to choose from. Let it surprise you!

40 plans to do as a couple

Surprise your partner this February 14 with this very special book that includes 40 different plans to do with your partner.

The combination of more traditional plans with some more different ones is perfect to continue doing and trying new ideas.

Tapa mix

This book is in a softcover format. In addition, on the back it incorporates a very original and beautiful description. Share incredible experiences with your partner!

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