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Michael sSchumacher suffered “a deterioration in their state of health when suffering muscular atrophy and osteoporosis” , as detailed by the British tabloid Daily Mirror.

The German multi-champion Formula 1 suffered a serious accident in 2013 on the Meribel ski slopes, in the French alps, and according to the English medium, his health condition deteriorated during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Legend has devastating health complications for as long as he is confined to his bed with muscular atrophy and even the bones would also be affected when suffering from osteoporosis“, revela el Daily Mirror.

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About 10 days ago, the Spanish agency EFE echoed a news story never published by an Italian blog about a stem cell transplant, which caused a curious news impact in Europe. But the operation was not confirmed by the German’s family, who does not release reports on the former pilot.

What’s more, the English newspaper The Guardian went further and called it “inaccurate” the possibility that you may be undergoing stem cell surgery at this time.

“While surgery may take place at some point it will not occur as long as the health risks linked to the disease caused by the coronavirus pandemic remain,” the newspaper clarified.

His wife Corinna and the medical team always insisted that Schumacher’s health is a family problem. and they have kept silent about progress or alterations.

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The recovery of the seven-time champion of the highest category of motorsport is one hundred percent private since he suffered the serious accident and the last thing that is known from his environment was when Corinna herself indicated last year that Schumy “I had taken small steps.” However, no image of her husband came to light since she suffered that fatal accident when her head hit a rock.

That weighs just 45 kilos. That he is prostrate and cannot walk. That he came out of the coma, but cannot speak and hardly recognizes his loved ones. That a fortnight of doctors and nurses assist him daily. That such care costs $ 140,000 per week.

In January, Schumacher’s wife reported that they discovered at their residence in the Swiss city of Geneva. a person taking photos of her husband, bedridden.

She assured that photos of her husband taken without authorization and invading the property in which they live were offered for sale for more than a million euros. In addition, she suggested that the images show Michael bedridden and claimed that the person who came in and took them is “unknown to the family.”

At no time did he speak of extortion, but of offers made to the news media. The former pilot received very few visits since his accident in Méribel, in the French Alps, and his wife put any type of detail about her health under lock and key.

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Furthermore, he explained on several occasions that Schumacher is “in the best hands”, attended “with everything within our reach” and that the family is doing “everything possible” to help him in his rehabilitation.

This Corinna complaint came hours after a renowned Italian neurosurgeon, Nicola Acciari, warned that the German “is not as we all remember him” and stated that the physicist “would be very different, with a deteriorated organic, muscular and skeletal structure”, in an argued diagnosis “as a result of the brain trauma suffered”.

The Schumacher family declined to comment on the new information published by the Daily Mirror about the German, who is the most winning driver in Formula 1 with seven titles, 91 victories, 158 podiums, 68 pole positions and 77 lap record.

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