England Should Can Win European Cup and World Cup


Kevin De Bruyne rate England national team currently has a young squad and full of potential. Becoming the champion of the European Cup and the World Cup should be achievable.

England last tasted the title on the international stage at the 1996 World Cup. The Three Lions became champions when they hosted status.

On the European Cup stage, England’s highest achievement was only in third place. They got it in 1968, after being eliminated by Yugoslavia in the semifinals and winning over the Soviet Union in the race for third place.

England almost reached the final at the 2018 World Cup. Gareth Southgate’s team lost to Croatia in the semifinals and in the race for third place ran aground in the hands of Belgium.

England again won third place in the event UEFA Nations League first edition 2018/2019. Harry Kane et al successfully beat Switzerland on penalties.

Well, England met Belgium in the group phase of the UEFA Nations League this season. De Bruyne who is in the Belgian camp gives an image of the strength of England, which should be able to speak a lot on the international stage.

“I think they should be very excited. This is a very young team with a lot of potential,” De Bruyne was quoted as saying by the BBC.

“I think they should aim to win the next European Cup and World Cup. I think they have that potential,” the Manchester City midfielder continued.

“There are always a lot of teams that want to win it, but I think the team they have, the players who play at top clubs, they have to do that,” he stressed.

England vs Belgium takes place at Wembley Stadium, Sunday (11/10/2020) evening WIB. This match can be watched via MOLA TV with a click this link.

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