Engineers Working on Chips That Can Make Cell Phones Always New, Without Changing Smartphones

Despite these findings, smartphone has an age limit of use, so there are times when the device cannot be used continuously.

Moreover, over time, technology in smartphone Android is constantly being improved. Therefore, over time, the functions in smartphone-You may not be able to keep up with your activities.

With these conditions, you certainly need to change your device to the latest model. Besides being able to better support your activities, you can also feel a variety of new features are available.

Usually, a smartphone expected to last with use within a period of four to five years. However, this still depends on the use and vendor support for these devices.

Because of that, Techno will give signs indicating a HP Android need to be updated. What are the signs? Check out the following list as quoted from Make Use OfMonday (20/6/2022),

1. Battery runs out fast

The first sign that indicates when you need to switch to the latest version is when the battery smartphone it runs out quickly. This is because the battery is one of the most important components in smartphone.

This is indeed natural, because the lithium-ion battery in the device Android have a service life and decrease in capacity. Therefore, after several charging times, the battery capacity will certainly decrease.

As a solution, you can of course replace the battery without the need to buy a new device if this is indeed a problem.

But keep in mind, there are some other signs that you also need to consider changing your device to the latest model.

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