endocrinologist explained why vitamin A deficiency is dangerous. January 22, 2023 Kuban News

Deficiency of any vitamin can be a trigger for the development of chronic diseases and serious deterioration in health.

Benefits of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a group of chemically similar substances – retinoids, necessary for maintaining the optimal functioning of the body. With their deficiency, the condition of the hair worsens, vision falls, and the skin loses its elasticity. Endocrinologist told about it Olga Shcheglova.

The doctor explained that vitamin A is indispensable for ensuring the normal functioning of most organs and systems: it gives health to the skin and functions of the mucous membranes, participates in the formation of cartilage and bone tissue, and ensures normal vision. In addition, vitamin A helps to strengthen the immune system.

Best Sources of Vitamin A

According to the expert, the best source of vitamin A is red bell pepper, green onion, pumpkin, tomatoes, green and yellow vegetables. In addition, a valuable trace element is found in legumes, fish oil, liver and dairy products.

How do you know if you have a deficit?

With a lack of vitamin A:

  • a person gets tired quickly

  • insomnia appears

  • headache often

  • the skin on the body becomes dry and peeling appears

  • The mucous membrane of the eye becomes as if dry and needs constant hydration.

Also, the doctor notes that with a lack of vitamin A, inflammation often occurs, acne and pustular rashes appear. Moreover, they can occur in the most unexpected places – on the ears, neck, hands, etc.

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