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The first video game approved as a drug in the United States

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In EndeavorRX players must Dodge obstacles and objectives to collect. To promote the concentration In EndeavorRX players must Dodge obstacles and objectives to collect. To promote the concentration

In EndeavorRX players must Dodge obstacles and objectives to collect. To promote the concentration

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In America, there are now the first prescription video game. It is to be effective help against attention deficit disorder ADHD. However, a study to demonstrate the success of the game, makes for irritation.

Mit maximum the little space ship flying speed, with its two turbines by a frosty World of ice. From the ground a small, one-eyed creature that needs to capture the player in a matter of seconds, or to circumnavigate, to be only a short time later in a fire world or a bubbling underwater landscape catapulted to pop. Admittedly, The character models are pixelated, the game looks despite a variety of landscapes quite similar. In comparison to current Gaming blockbusters EndeavorRX should have”,” not a Chance, many avid video game players.

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But the game is not to impress first and foremost with glossy graphics or a great game idea-it wants to help, and his target audience also fun. Because the title of the developer Akili Interactive is the first video game ever that is now available in the USA on prescription. The decided the US-American middle – and drug authority (FDA), Live on Monday, which is under the Ministry of health. Thus, Physicians are allowed to prescribe the iPhone and iPad game for children aged eight to twelve years, as a drug.

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To help it against the hyperactivity disorder ADHD, where children and young people is difficult to focus on one thing while you are struggling with a strong physical agitation. Around four million children will be affected in the USA according to FDA information. For seven years the game had been tested previously in clinical studies with over 600 children. Then it was clear: Gaming can make in the treatment of the disorder is actually a difference.

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Out of a total of five test series showed that a third of the treated children “had no measurable Aufmerksamkeizsdefizit at least a measure of objective attention” more, if you played the game over four weeks at five days per week for 25 minutes. This effect would remain for at least a month to obtain, at the company. As a well-known side effects are Frustration, headaches and dizziness can be specified – compared to traditional drugs, these effects appear to be small.

The study has a hook

The game was an “important example of the growing field of digital therapy and digital therapeutics,” says Jeffrey Shuren, Director of the “Center for Devices and Radiological Health” of the FDA. Nevertheless, the US technology Portal “The Verge dampens” the euphoria of the game makers. The corporate side likes to study cited was created by Doctors who work for the developer of the game. The information at the end of the investigation. There it is stated: The results would not be sufficient “to suggest that AKL-T01 should be used as an Alternative to well-established and recommended ADHD treatments”.

In the study, which was published in the medical Journal “The Lancet”, are also addressed possible conflicts of interest of the author: “Prof. Scott H. Kollins is a consultant ( … ), and owns stock options of Akili Interactive Labs,” or “Jacqueline Lutz, Denton J. DeLoss and Elena Canadas are employed in the case of Akili Interactive Labs, and may have stock options”.

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Nevertheless, this principle is by no means a Gimmick, proves in Germany for several years about the company retro brain, that with a similar approach to video games in nursing homes are used. On a small game console, the memoreBox, are installed on different scenarios, the therapeutically-preventive-rehabilitative elements, including the geriatrics or neuro-psychology, to use. A camera captures the movement of the senior citizens, if you drive a motorcycle, play table tennis, or as a postman on the road. Thus, the effects of age-related to diseases, such as dementia or Parkinson’s disease reduces the risk of Falls is reduced and inclusion are fostered in homes.

Overall, the approach of the US game “EndeavorRX is to be assessed” as the way of the future, since it is in contrast to many games-based therapy methods, the aim is to create a distraction, but to achieve an increase in the concentration ability of the patient and so ADHD to relieve symptoms permanently. Therefore, the U.S. should be made for affected children available, quoted by The Verge, a representative of the developer studios. Already in April the first families were able to register for the developer, currently there is already a waiting list.



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