End of the pilgrimage of the diocese of Chartres, yesterday, to the sanctuary of Lourdes

After five intense days of fervor ( our previous editions), officials are satisfied with this pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Lourdes (Hautes-Pyrénées) which, after a difficult 2020 due to Covid, has come back to life.

During this week, the diocese of Chartres was the most represented. Monsignor Christory says he is marked by the spiritual depth of pilgrims, by mutual aid and shared joy. “Life is difficult for many and here is received a gift of simplicity and lightness. For the Church, it is a source of vitality, a sign that our Church wants to reach out to those who are sick or lonely. “

“Good cohesion in the group”

Françoise Popot and Christiane Boudet, pilgrimage directors, noticed that many people were touched by the emotion, especially during the gestures of water and Eucharistic adoration: “This year, the pilgrims had confidence and n were not afraid to come back. “

Father Nicolas Boucée, chaplain of the pilgrims, found that the group was very demanding and that any proposal was very followed. “Everyone has entered into the message of Lourdes. “

Father Fréderic Roder, who accompanied twenty inhabitants of Épernon, noted that “hearts were touched by the Lord’s mercy during the Stations of the Cross and times of prayer”.

Anne, responsible for young people, three quarters of whom were new, notes “good cohesion in the group, fruitful mutual aid between the older and younger and progress in their faith process”.

Father Jean-Pierre Cornic, their chaplain, found young people very attentive, very attentive “with whom it was easy to establish silence. All participated wholeheartedly in an uplifting attitude. “

For Don Louis Marie, “young people have witnessed the action of God in their hearts and he has seen that some have regained the confidence lost after bereavement”.

“For the Church, it is a source of vitality”

Jean-Baptiste Sitahar, new president of hospitality after sixteen years of service to the sick, ensures the continuity of the mission. He was delighted that the diocese of Chartres had brought in more patients and is confident in the future, “given the large number of new hospital workers, including several from the young group”.

Doctor Perdereau, the doctor in charge, admits that “we have lived a very interesting pilgrimage, in the midst of a large number of young people”.

Father Jean-Eude Coulon, hospitality chaplain, is also happy with the youth of hospitality.

Bishop Christory concluded the sending ceremony by hoping to one day accompany 1,000 pilgrims to Lourdes.



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