End of the Flight of Abuse suspect at Soetta Airport, Arrested in North Sumatra after being fugitive for days

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The escape of sexual harassment suspect EF against a woman with the initials LHI at Soekarno-Hatta Airport has ended.

EF was arrested by the police at a boarding house in the Balige area, Toba, Samosir, North Sumatra on Friday (25/9/2020), yesterday.

Earlier, EF disappeared after a series of teasing about his extortion and viral harassment on social media.

The arrest of the suspect after the police conducted an investigation process through teasing made by the victim on social media.

Viral on social media

This case began to unfold when the tweet account owner @listongs was busy talking about by netizens.

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In his tweet, he described his experience of being harassed and blackmailed by unscrupulous rapid test service providers. The woman who owns the account has the initials LHI.

According to LHI, the incident occurred on September 13 when he was about to fly from Terminal 3 of Soekarno-Hatta Airport to Nias, North Sumatra.

“I had a flight at 6 (in the morning), I didn’t have time to go to the hospital (hospital). So I was at the airport at 4 am, I also wanted a rapid test at the airport,” he told Kompas.com, Friday (18/9 / 2020) evening.

LHI then conducted a rapid test at Terminal 3 of Soekarno-Hatta Airport, at the rapid test facility owned by Kimia Farma.

After carrying out the rapid test, LHI said the male officer who examined her unexpectedly committed sexual harassment.

Initially the officer said the LHI rapid test results were reactive.

“Well, I thought about not going to Nias because I was afraid of transmitting to people on Nias,” he said.

However, the male officer suggested that the LHI do a retest and he guaranteed that he would give a non-reactive result on the second test.

The victim is confused because she feels that something is wrong, but then follows the suggestion.

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After LHI received the rapid test results with non-reactive results and was about to go to the place of departure, the suspected perpetrator apparently chased and approached him.

The officer, said LHI, asked for an amount of money for the nonreactive statement he issued. The victim also felt blackmailed by the perpetrator.

“People call, then chat asking for money,” he said.

Because they didn’t want to be complicated that morning, LHI then transferred Rp. 1.4 million via their cellphone to the suspect’s personal account.

After that, unexpectedly, the man committed sexual violence by kissing the victim and feeling his chest. This made the victim shocked and traumatized.

“I cried. Shocked,” he said.

The airport was still quiet at that time. The time is still around 04.00 WIB. The victim who is in shock feels unable to fight back or screams for help.

After arriving in Nias, LHI reported what happened to him to the local police. However, the local police suggested reporting to the police where the incident took place.

“I’ve also called my friend who is the police,” he said.

LHI then became traumatized. She could not bear to see men she did not know for fear.

“Until now I am still traumatized,” said LHI.

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Checked in Bali

The police, who said they had not received any reports regarding the abuse, carried out an investigation by picking up the ball.

The police went to the victim, who was found to be in Bali at that time, to make a report.

“Already made a report and information has been taken,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Soekarno-Hatta Airport Police, Kompol Alexander Yuriko, Tuesday (9/22/2020).

Currently the police are conducting an investigation after asking LHI for information regarding the alleged cases of sexual harassment and extortion.

“The research process is underway. Researchers will do their best and need to make this clear,” he said.

The police also got the identity of the harasser, namely EF.

The police also examined a number of witnesses, including PT Kimia Farma, where EF worked as a health worker for a rapid test at Soetta Airport.

In fact, the police also checked the Indonesian Doctors Association to find out EF’s status as a doctor.

Bachelor’s degree

After checking, the police confirmed that EF was found to have a medical degree (S.ked).

“Yesterday, investigators took the statement from PT Kimia Farma and obtained information that the suspect has an academic degree in the form of a medical degree (S.Ked),” said Alex.

Alex explained that the suspect’s academic degree would later be confirmed at the university where EF was said to have studied.

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EF is called studying at a private university in North Sumatra. However Alex did not name the university.

“The investigators will confirm the academic status of the suspect by confirming it to a private university in North Sumatra,” he said.

Alex also explained that the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) would provide official information regarding EF’s professional status as a health worker.

“IDI will immediately provide information to further ensure the profession and status of the suspect,” he said.

Run away

The police, who have obtained some evidence and examined a number of witnesses, have named EF as a suspect.

EF was named a suspect in extortion, forgery and harassment of LHI during the rapid test process.

Head of Public Relations of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Yusri Yunus said, EF disappeared at the same time as his determination as a suspect.

“The team has moved, indeed checked where the residence is, the boarding house (EFY) is not there,” Yusri told reporters in Jakarta, Wednesday (23/9/2020).

Yusri said, his party had already obtained complete data about the EFY suspect. The team is moving to hunt down the suspect.

“But we have found the complete data,” said Yusri.

Got arrested while with a woman

Based on this identity, the police then searched and arrested suspects in the Balige area, Toba, Samosir, North Sumatra, Friday (26/9/2020) morning.

“EF was secured in Balige, Toba, Samosir, North Sumatra,” said Yusri.

When arrested, said Yusri, EF was with a woman. It is suspected that this woman is EF’s wife.

“When he (EF) was arrested with women and children, it was suspected that the wife we ​​are currently still investigating,” said Yusri.

Based on provisional information, EF fled after the victim’s complaint about harassment and blackmail went viral on social media.

“The results of the initial examination at the TKP, EF admitted that he immediately fled using public transportation to North Sumatra after learning about the (victim’s) tweet,” Yusri concluded.


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