End of regional flights: unable to be reimbursed by Air Canada


Travelers feel aggrieved because no reimbursement has been offered to them so far by Air Canada, which abandoned several regional routes last week.

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This is the case of Meggie Henley, a citizen of Sept-Îles on the North Shore, who protests that Air Canada refuses to reimburse her ticket to Montreal scheduled in 10 days.

“When we cannot offer a service, it seems to me that it goes without saying that a refund is required,” argues Meggie Henley.

She says that she spent hours on the phone trying to get a refund for a trip she would ultimately have to make in a car, but to no avail.

“No credit, no repayment, no return date: I find myself in front of nothing” she laments.

When asked about the measures taken for customers whose flights have been canceled, the airline indicated in a short email “that Air Canada will contact the customers concerned and offer them certain options that will take into account the current particular circumstances.”

This lack of information annoys Meggie Henley, who created the Facebook page “citizen action against Air Canada”. It has received dozens of testimonials from customers who are still seeking reimbursement for canceled flights, either due to the COVID-19 pandemic or reduced services in the regions. Only one person who contacted him said he received a credit.

“The only one who told me that everything was settled is because her brother works for the company,” said Ms. Henley, who wants Air Canada to fully reimburse her ticket.

She would be content, reluctantly, of course, with a credit that she could possibly use for another trip since Air Canada did not completely abandon the Sept-Îles stopover.

However, this solution would not be suitable for customers in other cities such as Gaspé, Baie-Comeau, Mont-Joli and Val-d’Or where there are no more Air Canada stopovers.

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